My internship acted as such a bridge during a critical time of my life, a time when I needed to test my skills and gain a deeper confidence in them. ITOCA has a big and unique internship program. I spent very dynamic and stimulating months at ITOCA, dealing with various tasks and projects and learning many new useful practical skills, which included information management, assisting in   training workshops, Outreach and marketing of relevant ICT tools and programs. All of this has been a one-of-a-kind training and a great asset for my career. The work that I was assigned was very rewarding and I learned a lot. Notably the benefit of the internship has been the chance to work with a motivated team.  Establishing rapport and credibility with team members and putting in extra time and effort needed to get a job done are virtuous attributes attained from the internship.

As an intern at ITOCA you definitely do not end up making coffee and copying papers but you get a chance to both contribute your part to its development and even work on your own initiative as well as to take as much of the experience as you can and use this valuable training in your further career. The internship gave me an opportunity to work on a full-fledged application, valuable exposure to many developing technologies outside the scope of course study and an insightful experience of working life.  The training at ITOCA has proven to be relevant and vital in the information field. ITOCA should be commended for being in the group of all those that are advocating for the development of third world countries especially Africa. This is because it is addressing the main issues of poverty that are caused by hunger and disease. Thus by providing current information in agriculture and health more research can be done which improves these conditions. There is a lot one can learn at ITOCA.  I can definitely recommend an internship at ITOCA. It's one of a kind.

Shellin Mugoma Intern with ITOCA Zimbabwe July 2008- September 2009 

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