My Internship at ITOCA was from 03rd February 2014 to 29th January, 2015, (1 year).It was a very mesmerizing feeling to work at such an esteemed and fast growing NGO(Non-profit Organisation) and it was a great environment to work in because my colleagues  were welcoming, friendly and willing to share their knowledge with me and I was also willing to learn and most of the times I will ask for more work .Within a short time I was able to use the switched board, write formal email to clients and my communication skills improved a lot because I was now confident. The main tasks I was assigned to do during my internship were issuing invoices, updating business contact via CRM, updating of training materials, attending conferences to market ITOCA, CEPD  and Co-facilitating workshops. I’ve gained in depth knowledge on various programmes such as Research4Life, TEEAL and AGORA. Biggest lesson I’ve learnt is to prioritize and always be on time.

Lebohang Malapane intern with ITOCA South Africa

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